WorkSmart Platform
Formula field value of the field is not stored within the database record, but is calculated on the values of other fields within that record. The calculation is called a formula. This formula consists of values from other fields and the results of functions.
Available Formula Functions
  • = plus
    – = minus
  • = multiply
    / = divide
    ( ) = precedence
Additional options for Form fields:
  • Formula: Enter calculation, formula, and functions. Press β€œ@” key to get the list of functions available to choose. Fields has to be enclosed in square brackets β€œ[ ]”. Go to Function Reference to see all the functions available.
  • Fields: Field list available to be inserted in formula. You can click field name in field list to insert in formula field at cursor position.
  • Display Format: Specify which field formatting details will be used to format the resulting formula value.
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